His Story

You’re always enough. You’re always worth it. You always matter.
It’s your time to be great

Keith Wilford

an accomplished Athlete, Educator and Motivational Speaker,

Keith Wilford’s unique and authentic style has impacted over 10,000 people across most of the United States in just over two years.

His High Energy Messages are Born From A Lifetime of Struggles

The Message Keith Delivers is about the Process of Being Human

Keith’s “open book,” deeply honest approach inspires people of all ages to rise above their own life challenges to not only work more effectively together as members of their teams, but also to have the courage to begin to discover their best selves.

By creating a safe space where individuals can feel vulnerable, Keith teaches his athletes and professionals that there is purpose in authenticity, that our lives become fulfilled when we allow ourselves to unapologetically figure out who we are. For Keith, this is boils down to intention. When someone hopes something can happen, he or she passively waits for it to happen. However, when a goal is sought with intention, there is a truthful approach through personal, purposeful action. It’s about engaging in the battle to overcome absolutely any obstacle.

With an uncanny balance of intensity and compassion, Keith has worked with over 150 organizations including:

Building relationships is the cornerstone of Keith’s work. His uncanny instinct to swiftly identify and absorb the culture of an organization is what allows the work to begin with nearly immediate drive and momentum. Teams feel Keith’s loyalty because he becomes an honorary member of every team by virtue of his genuine desire for their success. .

Be inspired. Be courageous. Be ready. When Keith arrives he will ask, “Who are YOU?”

That is when the work begins…