the Movement

Great team culture is created when no one gives in to negative team culture.

- Keith Wilford

The Movement is the process of teaching young athletes to delve below the surface to uncover their Internal Drive

Keith achieves this through


High Energy

Personal Messaging

combined with Intense Physical Movement

it is this mindset combined with athletic skill and technique that provides the edge necessary for young athletes to rise above and stand out in this ever-increasing, highly competitive world.

Keith uncovers athletes’ internal drive:

the Movement offers a unique perspective that weaves the struggles and OBSTACLES of his own life with the daily realities that face our young people today.

In a world of technology and immediate gratification, Keith puts young men and women to the test and challenges their current way of thinking, of how they view their peers, their family, their team and most importantly, their TRUE SELVES. It is with EMPATHY, STRUCTURE, DEDICATION and INTENSITY that Wilford delivers his message

From adolescents to adults, from novice to expert, Keith Wilford has a gifted ability to MOVE everyone with whom he works.

the Obstacleis a physically demanding training session combined with thoughtful classroom REFLECTION

Without deflection and with an active approach to OVERCOMING any obstacle that comes their way, the Wilford Movement prepares the minds and bodies of people to CONQUER struggles and TRIUMPH over discomfort.

Keith teaches young women and men to find the healthiest path that will allow them to rest their heads at night enthused and prepared for the next day.

the Workout uses the concept of movement to facilitate messaging.

While performance is essential on the field, Wilford believes that the right mindset is equally critical. The workout is challenging and even grueling, but it brings to the forefront those realities that challenge our existence as athletes, and on a deeper level, as human beings.

Research shows that movement with our body activates the brain to believe in ourselves in ways that are powerful beyond measure